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Last week was a bit rough for me, as I was swamped with school work and mourning the death of a loved one. On Saturday, I decided to go on a date with one of my best friends just to get my mind off of all that. We did a little research, made a reservation and ended up at Notch8 Restaurant in the Fairmont hotel Vancouver.

The food was exquisite, the ambience was warm and welcoming, the service was good, there was live music; my evening was made!
I found the menu really interesting because of the way the meals were named. I had a fun time guessing what the food could actually be, based on the given name.





Pineapple Cucumber & Mango Colada
Crab & Shrimp Risotto
Impression of Monet’s “Water Lilies”

Towards the end of dinner, I noticed this small room in the corner and was so curious to find out what it was used for. From my seat, I could see an old fashion red telephone booth, one of Britains cultural icons and I had to take a picture of it and in it.
The room looked like England, and then I realized that it’s the afternoon tea room. I learned that the room was only designed that way seasonally, from April 2nd to September 3rd. I will definitely be back here for afternoon tea.

















IMG_4902As you can already tell, I had a great time at this restaurant and would highly recommend it.

Take life easy,

My 2018 Blueprint

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year 🎉

I’ve been gone for too long with no worthy explanation, I apologize and I promise to do better. This year is going to be mighty different in so many ways and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. I’m going to share a few of my plans for the new year, feel free to share yours with me as well!

This year, I plan to:

  • set SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) goals.
  • do a lot of meditation and self-reflection.
  • make budgets and save as much as possible. (Check out Shalvah’s blog for tips)
  • read more books.
  • consciously work on my mental health.
  • season my conversations and affiliations with kindness, sensitivity & love.
  • eat healthier and exercise more frequently.

 IMG_4442Be Creative.
IMG_4444Laugh Out Loud and Often. Make Your Heart Sing.

IMG_4440Envision Greatness and Work at It.


IMG_4441Think Freely.

IMG_4443Seize Every Opportunity.

IMG_4438Don’t Wait for Tomorrow. Today is the Day.

Take life easy and enjoy every bit of what 2018 brings your way 🌸

Stacks & tons of love!

Be happy!

Being the rookie that I am, I accidentally deleted the pictures from my previous posts while putting this post together and I was devastated. I couldn’t stop crying and I immediately decided against publishing this weeks post because I hadn’t enough time to fix the mess. I’m very thankful for my best friends that encouraged me to release todays post! The two most important lessons I learnt from this is to avoid leaving things till the last-minute and to see the silver lining in every frustrating situation because it could have been worse. Just be happy!


  1. IMG_7345



    IMG_7347A few reasons to be happy


  • Happy people lead the best and most productive lives.
  • The world would be a better place if people were more joyful; It starts with you.
  • You are alive; whether in perfect, average or below average health.
  • The tough situation you might be in can never kill, it will only shape and strengthen you.
  • Your life could dramatically change for the better at a moments notice.
  • You are loved, most especially by Jesus.






Prov 15:13 – A heart full of joy and goodness makes a cheerful face, But when a heart is full of sadness the spirit is crushed

Enjoy your week 🌸

Stacks & tons of love!