Life Appraisal


I find that sometimes we go through life without consciously taking stock of our current state or even evaluating how far we’ve come. I for one am guilty of this, so I’m doing a simple and fun self appraisal. I got this idea from my friend, Tola’s blog.

I am currently;

Making– important life changing decisions that I don’t feel ready for.

Cooking– nothing. I’ve been too busy to whip up anything although this blog has a food segment. As much as I hate eating out, that’s mainly what I’ve been doing. I apologize to my fellow foodies.

Drinking– lots & lots of coffee. Coffee is slowly replacing tea (can’t believe I said that).

Reading– ‘The fishermen.’ One of my mentors reviewed the book on his YouTube channel and a friend of mine loaned me hers.


Wanting– a vacation to one of those ‘instagramable’ islands.

Liking– my major more and more as the days go by.

Dress – Banana Republic

Playing– candy crush.

Praying– about everything that crosses my mind especially if it lingers for too long. Praying specifically for direction. Jer 33:3

Deciding– to take life slowly because there’s no rush.

Wishing– that wishes were real then proceeding to make a wish for at least 3 more wishes.

Enjoying– all that God has blessed me with. Absolutely no regrets or complaints.

Waiting– for the time in my life where I won’t need to check the price tag on something that I like.

Wondering– why the fundamentals of adulting aren’t taught in schools!

Listening– to nothing in particular.

Shoes – Guess

Hoping– that everything would work out for my good.

Needing– a car!


Thinking– a little too much.

Knowing– and reminding myself daily that God will fulfil his promises to me because He is true to his word!


Disliking– the rain in Vancouver but loving fall.

Feeling– hopeful and positive about my future!


Celebrating– life (in good health), family and friends.

Embracing– myself, literally.


Learning– to be bold and unapologetic about my feelings. Learning to prioritize my mental health and deflect any and everything that could cause me discomfort.

Enjoy your week and take life easy  🌸

Stacks & tons of love!

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