Slow Down

I was heading to school last week Thursday, sadly I missed my bus by just 1 minute but I wasn’t bothered because the next one was scheduled to depart 15 minutes from then… “I will get to class in time,” I thought to myself. The next bus came well over 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time, and I was over 1 hour late to class. All the passengers were very upset, but there was nothing we could have done about it. While standing on the queue waiting for the bus, I thought about what the worlds reaction would be if the rapture were to happen right there. Everyone looked so busy and in such a hurry, myself included. At that point I realized that the return of Jesus had not crossed my mind in days, if not weeks. I believe my bus delay was a way to slow me down and get me thinking. When Jesus returns, may we not be taken by surprise.






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