Welcome to my blog 🌸

Hi there and welcome to my blog.

Starting this blog has been a bit of a struggle for me. Whenever I decide to get some real work done regarding the blog, I get overwhelmed and find myself visiting the blogs of my favorite lifestyle & fashion bloggers to de-stress lol. I had my first “shoot” on April 28th and I was intrinsically motivated and ready to show my style and creativity to everyone but somehow I managed to come up with numerous excuses as to why I should not start the blog. Some of such excuses are:

  1. Everyone seems to be blogging these days
  2. What would I be doing differently that the world hasn’t already seen?
  3. I don’t have a camera yet and the one I want is really pricey
  4. I need a proper/professional photographer
  5. The pictures I took myself, aren’t up to standard
  6. I really don’t have the energy and I sure as hell don’t want to pay anyone to design my blog for me
  7. Yeah, this stuff isn’t for me. Ojoma, don’t do it!

To show you how unprepared I was (and still am), the pictures from my first “shoot” were taken with my phone, my friends IPhone 7 and another friends Nikon camera, hence the inverted commas.







Through this blog, I’m going to be documenting different facets of my life: fashion, food & fitness.

I’m very excited and I’ll put in not only my best but also what is required to create quality content.

Thanks for stopping by and do well to leave me your email so you can be the first to know when there’s a new post.

Stacks & tons of love!

Karen A.

Outfit Details

Glasses- Ray-Ban

Dress- H&M

Coat- Forever 21

Shoes- Cape Robbin

Purse- Ted Baker

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